Hello! My name is Joshua Kratt and I am a freelance web designer. I design stunning and user friendly websites from scratch. I am also a certified Webflow Expert.

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I have worked with agencies and clients to produce stunning quality work. Right now I'm available for freelance projects and collaborations

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I will speak with the customer (preferably by email for better organization) regarding the website details. This allows for a lessened need to constantly ask about changes, since you already have guidelines. This part of the cycle is important for a great website.



The planning phase is when I sketch a mockup of the website and begin envisioning the layout of the entire website. I will give you a free estimate on how much the website will cost. After you agree to it, 50% of the entire cost will be paid before construction of the website.



All sketches and ideas will come together into one amazing website. The sections will be laid out and organized properly. All images and information will be added. The website is made from scratch and will eliminate the constraints of using a theme.



The client will now look over the entire website and notify me of all issues and potential fixes. This will make sure that they receive the best possible website. I will also recommend quality web hosts to the client for a more professional domain.



Wahoo! The website is now completed and client is proud of what has been put together. Since everything is finalized, the website will be made responsive to allow it to work on all screen sizes. The entire fee of the website is now paid to developer. Enjoy!



Websites constantly need to be looked after and updated. Therefore, I allow clients to use me to maintain their site, even after launch. Fees will be discussed for extended work on a project and I truly enjoy developing a client relationship.

An old saying says that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I listen to trap, bass, jazz and classical music. I love God and I do all of my work unto Him. My favorite movie of all time is Whiplash.


Great clients, great time

" I just wanted to say WOW to your designs. I saw them on Webflow and can’t believe how clean, clear and crisp it is. It’s literally breathtaking. I don’t think I’ve ever felt compelled to send an email like this, but just wanted to let you know it’s absolutely gorgeous."

Paul Han

" One of his most notable characteristics is his drive to learn and continually develop as a young interactive web designer. Any challenge we presented, he always came up with a solution. We knew Joshua was someone we wanted to continue to grow creatively with."

Simply Practical

" I am so honored and impressed with Joshua's level of professionalism. He has excellent work ethics. I have total faith and trust in him as well as his talent. I look forward to working with him for years to come."

Towauna Fisher

I produce quality websites made from scratch, with natural animations and crisp typography. Contact me with the form below or hover over the business card above.

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